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Whether it’s one store or 1000, Superior offers comprehensive lighting services to ensure your business makes an impactful first impression. Exterior lighting draws customers to your business; interior lighting contributes to their experience once they’ve arrived. We will help you make sure it’s a positive one so your customers will be repeat customers.

Interior and exterior lighting maintenance

Maintaining your exterior and interior lighting, including signage, will increase the likelihood of a positive customer experience while decreasing liability associated with inadequate lighting both in your parking lot and within your facility.

LED upgrades

Retrofitting outdated systems, including conversions for cooler doors, gas canopy fixtures and exterior fixtures, to newer and more efficient systems could reduce your business’ lighting bill as much as 30%. Government mandates have phased out T-12 fluorescent lighting for T-5, T-8, and LED technologies, which are more efficient and cost-effective in the long term.


Many utility companies offer customers rebates for installing energy conservation programs. To help you reduce your initial investments in these programs, we will work with your utility company to ensure you receive all rebates available.

Scheduled lighting inspection program

Whether your business occupies a single site or spans several locations across a multi-state region, Superior’s scheduled lighting inspection program will stabilize the maintenance and costs of your lighting system. Our service includes exterior and interior lighting and signage. Flexibility is key: custom design your program to meet your business’ unique needs and choose monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly scheduled visits from our service technicians.

Relamping programs

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, lighting can represent over 38% of the average commercial building’s electric bill. Energy-saving lighting solutions, including LED, reduce costs while creating a safer and more productive work environment. Often, manufacturers offer warranties for group relamp projects. Superior partners with a network of these manufacturers and are thus able to facilitate a smooth warranty program for our customers. Plus, our database of customer profiles means you’ll always have product information available.

Lighting audits

According to the U.S. Department of Energy, lighting can comprise over 38% of an energy bill. Let our certified lighting management consultants investigate ways to reduce your business’ lighting costs. One of our customers, a supermarket chain customer reduced its energy bill by 52%  recouping its initial investment in under two years.


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