Convenience Store, Gas Station & Canopy Lighting

At Superior Lighting, we provide exterior and interior lighting installation and maintenance. Our services are used in convenience stores and gas stations in Omaha and across the Midwest. We can help you attract more customers, increase your business’s overall appearance, provide a safe, well-lit environment for your customers and employees, and save money with more cost-effective lighting! Contact us today for a quote on lighting installation and maintenance!

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Interior And Exterior Lighting Maintenance

A well-lit convenience store or gas station can serve as a beacon to draw customers into your facility. They should be in working condition to help draw more customers to your business. Gas stations and convenience stores should have bright lighting for security purposes. Superior Lighting has over 50 years of experience in the commercial lighting industry.

Our lighting experts can help maintain your exterior and interior lighting and signage. We can also set up monthly, bi-monthly, or quarterly lighting inspections. This establishes a maintenance schedule that ensures your lights are running efficiently. We will work with you to create an inspection plan that makes the most sense for your business.

LED Lighting And Signage Updates

LED is now the industry standard when it comes to commercial lighting. Instead of the typical T-12 fluorescent lighting or HID lighting, many businesses now use T-5, T-8 or LED lighting per government mandates. This type of lighting can also help reduce your store’s lighting bill by up to 30%! At Superior Lighting, we specialize in LED lighting and signage. Our experts can retrofit your store and canopy with lights and signs that burn brighter and more efficiently.

Save Money With LED Rebates

At Superior Lighting, we work directly with your local utility company to help you find rebates that help bring down your initial costs. Not only will you save money on your monthly bills and be more energy-efficient, but you will also bring down your upfront costs!

Make The Most Of Your Manufacturer Warranties

Superior Lighting has great relationships with lighting manufacturers. These relationships allow us to assist with your product warranty needs. Our 50+ years in the business means we can help our customers with all their warranty needs.

Commercial Lighting Services In Omaha and Beyond

Although Superior Lighting is headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska, our commercial lighting company maintains operations in a 10-state coverage area and provides commercial lighting installation and maintenance services to customers who manage single location businesses as well as national companies with multiple locations.

As a PLASMA partner, we are able to extend our commercial lighting and sign installation/services on a national level within the 48 contiguous states.

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