For the past 50 years, businesses – from mom and pop storefronts to big-box retail outlets - have turned to Superior Lighting Inc. for their lighting and sign maintenance needs. Superior was established as a family-run business five decades ago. Today, the same family continues the tradition of superior service throughout the Midwest, with its large fleet of bucket trucks, and nationally, through its partnership with PLASMA. Superior is proud of its corporate family of journeymen electricians, licensed sign installers, lighting technicians - of which over half hold their certified apprentice lighting technician (CALT) or certified senior lighting technician (CSLT) certifications - and sales and service staff, including a certified lighting management consultant. We look forward to continuing our service to customers for decades to come.


In 1968 William T. Swarbrick opened the first Superior Lighting office in Omaha, NE, expanding his service to the Des Moines area in the 70s when his long-time friend and professional hockey teammate, Minnie Menard, joined the business. Together the friends-turned-business partners built a lighting and sign maintenance company, now run by their children, that today serves over 4000 customers throughout the contiguous United States.