Brighten your Business with LED Lighting from Superior


Now is the time to upgrade your lighting to LED. LED lighting is the future of lighting, and we here at Superior have focused our business on providing turnkey LED upgrades for business and facilities of all kind. Over the past couple of years, our crews have installed thousands and thousands of LED products. From…

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Safety Never Takes a Break


Safety is Our Number One Value Superior Lighting, Inc. has never taken safety lightly. We are constantly creating new policies and procedures to ensure that everything we do is done in a safe manner. Continuous Improvement of Safety Policies One of the latest policies that Superior is implementing is our updated cone policy. This policy…

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Make the Switch to LED Parking Lot Lights


Why Make the Switch? Business owners and managers everywhere are always looking to save money and increase production. One of the easiest places a company can save money is right outside in their parking lot. Safety First Whether its a car dealership or a pizza restaurant, most businesses possess a parking lot. Lighting a parking…

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Superior Kicks-off Omaha Streetlight Upgrade


Since awarded the project earlier this year, Superior Lighting has been working hard on converting the Omaha metro area’s streetlights to LED. To complete the project, Superior added multiple new trucks to its fleet. These trucks include three¬†Altec AT48F bucket trucks, capable of reaching heights of 48 feet. Tailing the technicians in the bucket trucks,…

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Superior Lighting to Upgrade Omaha Streetlights


OPPD announced last week their five-year-plan to replace Omaha’s streetlights to LED. The plan, starting in March of 2019, is set to replace nearly 100,000 high-pressure sodium fixtures with new LED fixtures. Superior Lighting, Inc. was awarded the contract. Bill Swarbrick, President of Superior Lighting, Inc, says he is looking forward to the project. “Superior…

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LED Lighting: Why its worth it.


How much money can your business save by upgrading to LED Lighting? In every industry, business owners are searching for the same thing: how to cut costs while keeping production constant. One of the easiest ways any company can do this is by changing old incandescent, fluorescent lighting, or HID bulbs and upgrading to LED.¬†…

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