Safety Never Takes a Break

Safety is Our Number One Value

Superior Lighting, Inc. has never taken safety lightly. We are constantly creating new policies and procedures to ensure that everything we do is done in a safe manner.

Continuous Improvement of Safety Policies

One of the latest policies that Superior is implementing is our updated cone policy. This policy requires every technician to place a cone in front of and behind their truck after every single stop, including at the end of days. 

“Our goal is to prevent accidents, and the first step in doing so is to make the drivers more aware of their surroundings,” said Christian Kazos, Superior’s Safety Coordinator. Having a cone in front of and behind the truck ensures that the driver does a full walk-around of the truck every single time before they deploy their bucket or move their vehicle. Doing this allows the driver to avoid easily preventable accidents, such as backing into a car in a blind spot or leaving a bin or storage door open on their truck.


Moving Forward

It does not stop there, however. Superior is also taking extra steps to ensure the safety of the general public and our employees. In an effort to see what the technicians in the field see, we have strengthened our safety committee to include an external safety consultant to provide a fresh outlook. The safety committee is made up of field technicians and department managers that come together along with the safety coordinator to help better understand the safety issues that the technicians face in the field every single day.

Superior continues to be committed to the safety of our team members and the public. We strive to always provide a great service and do it with the utmost safety in mind. Call Superior Lighting, Inc. for all your lighting, signage and energy needs today at 402-345-0800 or email us at info@superiorlight.com!