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We’ll help your school save $1,000’s on your annual energy costs by converting your current lighting system to LED. Improve the light quality in your school for the best environment for students to learn.

Converting School Lighting Systems

Do you have an outdated lighting system in your school? Traditional lighting systems are expensive to run, inefficient, and require a lot of maintenance. Not to mention the impact on the environment with the extensive carbon footprint. More and more schools and other institutions are converting to LED lighting to solve these problems.

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Save Up To 80% On Annual Energy Costs

By converting to an LED lighting system, your company will save $1000s a year in energy bills. LED lighting systems are up to 90% more energy efficient than traditional lights, such as compact fluorescent lights, metal halides, high/low-pressure sodium lights, and incandescent lights. Reduce your lighting operating costs and recurring maintenance costs of outdated lighting systems.

LEDs Last Up To 85x Longer

Depending on the type of the current lighting system in your school, your new LED system could last up to 85 times longer! We use high-quality materials to ensure you have a long-lasting return on your investment when converting to LED lighting.

Improved Student Concentration

LED lighting systems increase concentration and productivity in students. The natural daylight color option improves concentration, reduces errors, improves reading speed and comprehension. Enhance your school’s academic ranking with higher achieving students. LED’s improve color rendering index, which illuminates true colors and a greater light reach, spanning over a greater surface area for better visibility in class.


Be known as an environmentally responsible school by reducing greenhouses gasses and reducing your carbon footprint. LED lighting systems are the most energy-efficient option for any institution or commercial premises. Share your environmental contribution with your community and positively influence your students.

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Many governments offer to fund schools converting to LED systems. Utility companies offer customers rebates for installing energy conservation programs. It is the most cost-effective lighting solution on the market.

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